SideWalk Chalk began with the mission to spark joy and connection through nostalgic streetwear, one inner-child at a time. Our goal is to remind people of the limitless creativity we had as kids, and to rememeber that we always have that power, no matter what age or atmostphere we’re in. With society’s rules these days, being an “adult” affects all of us. So the sooner we can tap back into our inner-child, that one voice who speaks from our deepest, truest will - the sooner we can get back on our path to feeling joyful and boundless on our adventure through life. With a team built of dedicated big-kid professionals (aka friends) we hope to serve as guides on what it looks like to not only go after your dreams, but to find joy in the journey to making them reality.

And for those who have already tapped in: please connect with us! Whether it’s sharing your story, attending an event or simply engaging with our community on social media - you have the opportunity and superpower to help lead the way. 


Community is the new influencer. Whether you have 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers, we are looking for those who actually influence, engage and impact their community. If you identify as a kid-at-heart who loves spreading joy and smashing photoshoots and content creation, we'd love to hear from you! We look forward to you sharing your impact with SideWalk Chalk's growing & empowering community.


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What is your purpose?

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If you let your ideal, inner-child lead, where might you be today?

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What's the biggest joy you've found on your journey to pursing your passion?

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If you could be, or do, anything in the world, who would you be/what would you do?

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Who are you grateful for and why?

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